Upcoming & Past Events

Details of future public speaking engagements and highlights of past events

Upcoming Public Talks 

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David will speak at the Feb 2020 Edie Sustainability Leaders Forum in London about his experience working in climate & sustainability industry.


David speaks at the first Landscape Innovation Forum in Sussex about the climate emergency and how to take action in this critical year of climate action.


David speaks at Orion & Goldbeaters school in Jan 2020 about the science of climate change and his story.


Has 2019 been a turning point in tackling the climate crisis?

David will give a public lecture at Durham University Energy Institute on 16th October.  Temperatures continue to rise, extreme weather events are being becoming more frequent and the full scale of the climate crisis is becoming clearer to see. Despite amplified impacts 2019 has already been a remarkable year of action - millions have joined global climate protests, climate emergencies have been declared and net-zero has become enshrined in UK law. Something seems to be happening, but is it too little too late?


Heritage Debate 2019

Join David and other speakers discussing what the heritage sector can do to lead the transition to net zero at the Waldorf's beautiful Palm Court on the 21st October.


David heads to Putney High School for Breathe Week, a leading environmental awareness and action week for students. 

Building on the success of the first ‘Breathe Week’, launched by Justine Greening in 2018, the second Conference will take place in October 2019, on an environmental theme.

The conference forms part of our annual BREATHE week and will extend beyond our Putney students into the local community, inviting eight maintained schools to join in our journey.

Students will be developing greater awareness of the issues facing our environment and identifying pro-active solutions and campaigns to tackle the issues.

David talks to Radio 4

David will present a short climate change special on BBC Radio 4 where he talks about why climate change action matters for him, how the impacts of climate change are happening sooner than expected and what we can all do to tackle the problem.

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Past Talks & Events

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