David Saddington Speaker

Climate Change Communicator & Public Speaker 

I am a sought-out guest speaker, panelist and facilitator available for collaboration with your business or cause.
I speak with passion and from experience at the forefront of climate change science and policy.
Influencing UK Government Policy, heading up a national climate change communications campaign that reached an audience of 3 million, delivering innovative large scale climate change events, consulting businesses on energy and sustainability policy and founding my own social enterprise are just some of my experiences of climate change work since the age of 13.


  • What the Paris Agreement means for your business
  • Sustainability and Corporate Social Responsibility 
  • The business case for tackling climate change
  • Engaging millennials in sustainability and your company 
  • Climate Finance
  • Green Investment
  • Public Relations
  • Environmental Policy and Reporting
  • Sustainable Development 
  • Carbon Markets
  • Social Enterprise
  • Urban Gardening 
  • Green Cities
  • Garden Design and Biodiversity
  • Making Positive Change in Your Community
  • Careers in Climate Change 
  • Climate change curricula and eduction 
  • My Story - North Yorkshire Floods, UK Curriculum Reform and Effective Activism
  • How to be a More Effective Activist
  • Youth Involvement and Engagement
  • Climate Change (Science, Politics, Economics, Society) and Adaptation/Mitigation
  • Interactive climate science lecture
  • Science Communication
  • Environment/Nature (Broad Appreciation of Nature to Pollution, Conservation, Legislation, Wildlife) 
  • Renewable Energy Technology
  • Glaciology - Icecaps, Antarctica, Sea Level Rise
  • Resilience
  • Disaster Risk Reduction
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I knew from the outset David was a talented communicator but his achievements since have quite simply been staggering. He has established himself as one of the most important contemporary voices; helping others understand the scale and complexity of climate change and other important environmental challenges. His depth of experience, his enthusiasm and optimism can not be commended more highly.

Alex Palman - Former  Climate Change Communications Manager, Defra

In all my years of working with youth, I've never been more impressed with ones preparation and impact. David took a very loaded topic and creatively spun it in a way you can't NOT care about climate change. His delivery on stage was sheer perfection. Jaws are still dropping around the world. In only 18 minutes, he redefined an issue and brought it to the forefront of everyones life.

Jess Atkins Teutonico - 

TEDxTeen Curator

David was scouted as international speaker by his TEDxTeens talk 2014. 
It was a pleasure to work with him, he is eager to learn, to improve and to inspire his audience every time. The world needs speakers like David.  Don´t hesitate to book him, in my opinion you will do your audience a great favor by having David on your stage! 

Nienke van Bezooijen -

International TEDx Speakercoach

David did an outstanding job in organising and chairing the "Chasing Ice-Climate Change Question Time"; he had a bold vision for the project, worked tirelessly in leading a team of students to raise funds and make arrangements for the event including liaising with a large number of groups and individuals, and was an outstanding Chair on the event itself."

Professor Antony Long - Deputy Vice Chancellor, Durham University, and then Head of Durham Geography Department 

I was delighted about the argument and about the depth into which David explained climate change. Studying glacier evolution helps us to understand climate change and helps in finding possible solutions. David has a mission, and it is a very important one. I'm also sure that with his passion and competence he will be able to attract many young people to better understand climate change and to act with a eco friendly spirit

Michele Sofisti- CEO Gucci Watches and Jewelry

David did an excellent job in co-ordinating, organising and delivering the Chasing Ice outdoor film screening and Climate Change Question Time events in Durham.  The choice of venue and message were ideal as it helped reach groups who are traditionally difficult to engage with, and encouraged them to get involved with some of the problems we are facing because of climate change.

Stephen Beresford - Senior Sustainability Officer at Durham County Council